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So, what do you love about the Culture series? What's your favourite novel, who are your favourite characters, what makes this series special for you? What would your crazy ship name be, if you were a Culture ship?

Does the Culture have enough fans to sustain a DW community? We'll see!

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Date: 2015-08-05 12:41 am (UTC)
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I'd love to read fic that explores in more detail why the Minds are so attached to human-types -- whether that attachment is because we are in some way their pseudo-parents, or because we have characteristics that in some way balance their comprehensive and very fast thought.

I'd love to write fic that explores what it means for human-types and Minds to love and form families together -- the scene from "First Steps" with the meditation on how "meeting the family" is different for humans and Ships is a great jumping-off point, for example. What would it be like to follow a family/clan/tribe of humans and Minds on their adventures throughout the Culture? Think of the Vorkosigan Saga with really snarky Ships.


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